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Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program

The Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program (OHRDP) is a division of the Kingston Community Health Centres since 2006. OHRDP is funded by the AIDS and Hepatitis C Programs within the Ministry of Health.

The harm reduction supplies coordinated by OHRDP complement the needles, syringes, condoms and biohazard bins provided through Public Health. Through the distribution of sterile single-use equipment, and better education, communities can stay safer and healthier.

OHRDP coordinates the distribution of harm reduction supplies to core harm reduction programs associated with public health units through a licensed medical distributor.   OHRDP collaborates with other programs to develop education and learning activities for its core programs and their supported satellite sites.

The OHRDP website has a search engine with two important maps. One helps individuals locate where they can obtain free, sterile harm reduction supplies anywhere in Ontario. The other map shows individuals where they can safely dispose of used harm reduction supplies in their community.

OHRDP works to ensure:

  • All individuals have equitable access to evidence-based harm reduction supplies.
  • Core Needle Syringe Programs have access to information, education and inventory knowledge to support the management of supplies
  • Ontario’s harm reduction service providers have the knowledge and tools they need to share with clients about the best practices to reduce harms and the transmission of HIV and HCV.

For more information on the harm reduction supplies available through OHRDP or to locate the search engine, Find Supplies, please visit

For more information on how to use harm reduction supplies as tools for client engagement and to better understand safer practices, consider downloading Connecting A Guide to using Harm Reduction Supplies as Engagement Tools

For more information on HIV or HCV, visit the CATIE website