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Children’s Care and Education

Children Aged 0 – 4

Finding Childcare

Parents must find appropriate childcare for young children before they can start school or work. In Kingston, parents can apply for licensed childcare under the Centralized Childcare Registry. This application can begin before the child is born. After applying, children will be placed on a waitlist. This waitlist may take a long time, so make sure parents are also regularly calling childcare providers asking if they have space available. Some language schools may provide childcare.

Childcare Subsidy

Childcare can be expensive. A childcare subsidy is available to help some families pay for childcare. To request for the childcare subsidy, check the fee assistance box when applying for the Centralized Childcare Registry. Parents will be sent an e-mail with a Childcare Subsidy Family Information form and asked to send their Notice of Assessment (NOA). Newcomers may not have a NOA because they have not filed their taxes yet. Please notify Kingston’s Housing and Social Services Department by calling (613) 546-2695. Instead, newcomers may be asked to provide a copy of their Permanent Resident Card or Permanent Residence Document (IMM 5292).

Children Aged 4 – 18

Elementary and Secondary Schools

In Ontario, children aged 6 – 18 must attend school and can attend school for free. Most children attend kindergarten from age 4. Elementary schools provide education to children aged 4 – 13. In elementary schools, children are placed in a grade according to their age. Secondary schools, also called high schools, provide education to children aged 14 – 18. Newcomer children will be assessed to determine which grade they will be placed in.

Applying for Schools

To find an elementary school nearby, please visit here. To find a secondary school nearby, please visit here.

To enroll in school, please contact the school and bring:

  • Proof of child’s age such as passport or birth certificate
  • Proof of address such as a rent receipt or utility bill
  • Proof of immigration status such as Permanent Resident Card or Confirmation of Permanent Residence document (IMM 5292)

School Reports, Interviews and Tests

Schools will send home 2 – 3 report cards a year to let parents know how their child is doing. Teachers will invite parents for an interview 2 – 3 times a year after report cards are sent home. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend so they can know how their child is doing at school. There are tests that all students in Ontario take:

Grade 3 and 6: Reading, writing and math test Grade 9: Math test

Grade 10: Reading and writing test – students must pass this test to graduate