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Settlement Timeline and Checklist

Day 1

  • Newcomers are provided with Confirmation of Permanent Residence document at the airport
  • Newcomers and sponsors meet each other
  • Newcomers are provided transportation to their temporary accommodations
  • Sponsors make sure newcomers have adequate clothing, depending on the weather
  • Newcomers are provided with emergency phone numbers and a copy of their address written down

Month 1

  • Know how to use a phone
  • Understand and know how to dial emergency phone numbers
  • Has an email account
  • Immediate health needs are addressed
  • Orientation on local, provincial and federal laws
  • Applied for:
    • Social Insurance Number
    • Canada Child Benefit
    • Interim Federal Health Program
    • Ontario Health Insurance Plan
  • Opened a bank account
  • Understand budget and cost of living
  • Received orientation of neighbourhood, including appropriate grocery stores
  • Assisted with finding permanent housing
  • Connected with Settlement Workers
  • Received welcome gift at KCHC – Immigrant Services or ACFOMI
  • Attended a language assessment

Month 2-6

  • Received Permanent Resident (PR) Card
  • If the newcomer has not received it, an application has been submitted to replace the PR Card
  • Enrolled children in school/childcare
  • Enrolled in language school and/or employment training
  • Connected with or actively looking for a family doctor
  • Have an understanding of rights as a tenant
  • Know how to pay rent and utilities
  • Developed social and community connections
  • Non-emergency health conditions are continuously addressed
  • Understand counselling and mental health supports
  • Applied for a driver’s license
  • Know how to take public transportation
  • Found a permanent place to live
  • Filed taxes, if relevant

Month 7-12

  • Newcomers understand the labour market and how to find employment
  • Understand or enrolled in bridging or training programs
  • Understand rights as an employee
  • Continuously attending language classes
  • Applied for Ontario Works
  • Understand emergency shelter options