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Information for Parents and Students

At Pathways to Education, we believe that all youth should have an equal opportunity to graduate from high school and build the foundation for their future successes. Our program is designed to support students and their families throughout high school, using four pillars: tutoring, mentoring, financial support, and advocacy through Student Parent Support Workers (SPSWs).

Why is tutoring important?

Tutoring is an opportunity to have an adult work with you to complete homework and study for school assignments.

Why are Student Parent Support Workers important?

Your SPSW will work closely with you, your parents, and school staff to ensure that you have what you need to achieve academic success in high school. The support and guidance provided by the SPSW help empower students and parents to make important decisions with increased confidence and better information.

Why is financial support important?

It is clear that a student’s attendance in class is directly related to the grades they receive. Pathways to Education distributes grocery cards to ensure that you are able to eat while at school or at home. Also, the increasing cost of post-secondary education can also be an obstacle for many youth. Pathways to Education offers a bursary for every year you participate in our program, as a financial incentive for you to complete high school and pursue the post-secondary program of your choice.

Who’s eligible to participate?

For the 2021/2022 school year, all students who are registered in high school and who live in the catchment area are eligible. The boundaries of the catchment area are from Division Street east to the Cataraqui River, and from Conacher Drive south to Raglan Road. If you’re not sure whether you are eligible, please call us!

Are there any restrictions as to who can participate? (e.g. income cutoff, minimum or maximum grades)

No – as long as you meet the criteria above, you can participate in the Pathways to Education Program.

How do I register in the program?

Contact us by phone (613.507.7107) or email ([email protected]). We’ll set up an appointment to go through the registration process, which takes about 30 minutes. There are forms for both the student and parent/legal guardian to sign, so we ask that both come to register. The student also needs to bring his or her health card.

I participated in Pathways to Education last year – do I need to re-register this year?

Yes, all students are required to re-register each year to make sure our records stay current.

I’m entering grade 10 this year, but wasn’t registered in Pathways to Education last year. Can I still join?

Yes. Eligible students can register at any time, including part way through the school year.

I live in the catchment area, but go to school elsewhere in Kingston. Am I still eligible?

Yes! Eligibility is determined based on where you live, not which school you go to. While most of our students attend classes at KSS or Regiopolis-Notre Dame, a small number go to other schools such as LCVI and La Salle Secondary School.