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Staff Listing

Main phone: 613.507.7107


Roger Romero, Coordinator: x2107, [email protected]
Ellyn Clost-Lambert, Researcher: x2119, [email protected]

Student Parent Support Workers (SPSW)

Petra Hanson, SPSW Representative: x2106, [email protected]
Chris Dreifelds: x2126, [email protected]
Kara Fry: x2124, [email protected]
Jon Oosterman: x2105, [email protected]
Lauren Hartwick: x2122, [email protected]
Leila Reynolds x2111

Program Facilitators

Joanna Rivera, Tutoring: x2115, [email protected] (on one-year leave from November 25, 2019)
Chris Dreifelds, Group Mentoring: x2126, [email protected]
Holly Platz, Career Mentoring: x2125, [email protected]
Lauren Hartwick, Specialty Mentoring: x2122, [email protected]
Jon Oosterman, Alumni Relations: x2105, [email protected]
Stephanie Wight, Tutoring and Facilitator of Community Relations: x2108, [email protected]