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Staff Listing

Main phone: 613.507.7107 x2107


Roger Romero, Program Manager: 613.539.0938, [email protected]
Logan Jackson, Researcher Team Lead: 613.583.0384, [email protected]
Chris Dreifelds, Planning and Collaborating Team Lead: 613.583.0418, [email protected]

Student Parent Support Workers (SPSW)

Petra Hanson, SPSW Team Lead: 613.583.0308, [email protected]
Chris Dreifelds: 613.583.0418, [email protected]
Kara Fry: 613.539.1853, [email protected]
Lauren Hartwick: 613.583.0532, [email protected] (currently on a maternity leave, returning January 2022)
Leila Reynolds: 613.449.5266, [email protected]
Megen Robertson: 613.484.0673, [email protected]

Grad Connectors

Garry Castle: 613.583.0421, [email protected]
Kayla Verot: 613.583.0368, [email protected]
Megen Robertson: 613.484.0673, [email protected]

Program Facilitators

Stephanie Wight, Program Team Lead and Facilitator of Tutoring: 613.539.9712, [email protected]
Joanna Rivera, Facilitator of tutoring: 613.583.1614, [email protected]
Kayla Verot, Group Mentoring: 613.583-0368, [email protected]
Lauren Hartwick, Specialty Mentoring: x2122, [email protected] (currently on maternity leave, returning January 2022)
Logan Jackson, Facilitator of Alumni Relations: 613.583.0384, [email protected]

*Career Mentoring role is in progress of being filled, for any immediate inquiries, please reach out to Chris Dreifelds: 613.583.0418, [email protected]