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Regional Lung Health Program


KCHC’s team of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals offers a wide array of community-based services for those living with chronic lung disease, (including but not limited to those living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and complex respiratory care needs. We offer an accessible, trauma-informed, interprofessional, and integrated Regional Lung Health Program. We work from a Respiratory Rehabilitation model and the Expanded Chronic Disease Management Model. Our Program aligns with current clinical practice guidelines, and it meets or exceeds Ontario Health’s COPD Quality Standards.  

Our pillars of intervention include:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What services does the Regional Lung Health Program offer?
    • You can contact us for: 
      • Smoking cessation support (including free nicotine replacement therapy) (patients can self-refer by calling 613-542-2949 ext. 4)
      • Diagnostic assessment, including spirometry for COPD/asthma Screening (must be referred by a clinician)
      • Respiratory rehabilitation (must be referred by a clinician) 
  • After an intake and clinical assessment, patients of the Program may also be able to obtain:
    • COPD or asthma action plan
    • Assessment to determine need for assistive devices (e.g., oxygen therapy, CPAP machine), and referral for further assessment where necessary
    • Individualized plan for physical activity and mobility (e.g., falls prevention, strengthening exercises) from our Physiotherapist
    • Consultation with an on-site General Internist specialist as part of our Respiratory Rehabilitation Program
  • Where does the Regional Lung Health Program accept patients from?
    • As a community-based program, we accept patients from the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington region as shown below:
  • What is the cost of the Regional Lung Health Program?
    • There is no fee for our services. 
  • How does a provider refer a patient to the Regional Lung Health Program?
  • We accept referrals from nurse practitioners or physicians via one of the following methods: 
    • Download, complete and fax this referral to our office
    • Please refer patients to KCHC’s Regional Lung Health Program who:
      • Have shortness of breath needing assessment, diagnosis, and supporting services.
      • Could benefit from a community-based respiratory rehabilitation.
      • Have completed a hospital-based program but require further ongoing support (e.g., maintenance program, or help with self-management)
      • Experience barriers to care (e.g., transportation difficulties, health literacy level, requiring interpretation/translation services).
    • We accept community members who do not have a family doctor or access to allied health services (e.g., without private insurance or Employment Assistant Program benefits)
  • Please note that our ability to take on new clients depends on our team’s capacity and possible wait list at time of referral. Some referrals might be considered for group sessions but not for individual care. All referrals are screened and triaged based on patient needs.