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Information for Students and Parents

At Pathways to Education Kingston, we believe in empowering youth with tools to succeed in school, work and life through participation in meaningful programming and building relationships. We provide academic support after school, (currently running on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) which includes access to technology, and tutoring in all subjects.

The goal of our staff is to act as a network of caring, consistent, unconditionally supportive adults in addition to family, friends, and school staff.


All high school students who live in the catchment area are eligible to register for the program. The boundaries of the catchment area are Conacher Drive South to Raglan Road and Division Street East to the Cataraqui River.

Blue streets: all addresses are eligible

Red streets: Some addresses are eligible.

Please contact us to confirm eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?

All students who are registered in high school and live in the catchment area are eligible. Please see details of the catchment area above. The registration package must be completed in order to participate. Staff will assist families in completing the package.

Why is financial support important for our program?

It is clear that a student’s attendance in class is directly related to the grades they receive. To encourage class attendance, Pathways to Education Kingston distributes grocery gift cards that ensure students are able to eat while at school or at home.

Also, the increasing cost of post-secondary education can also be an obstacle for many youth. For each year in the program, students earn a scholarship as a financial incentive for you to complete high school and pursue the post-secondary program of your choice. The incentive is $500 per year up to four years and $2,000.

*students must be enrolled for two years before they have access to their scholarship

Are there any restrictions as to who can participate? (e.g. income cutoff, minimum or maximum grades)

No – as long as you meet the criteria above, you can participate in the Pathways to Education Kingston Program.

I live in the catchment area, but go to school elsewhere in Kingston. Am I still eligible?

Yes – Eligibility is determined based on where you live, not which school you go to. While most of our students attend classes at KSS or Regiopolis-Notre Dame, a small number go to other schools such as LCVI and La Salle Secondary School.

How do I register in the program?

Contact us by phone (613.507.7107×2107) or email ([email protected]). We’ll set up an appointment to go through the registration process, which takes about 30 minutes. There are forms for both the student and parent/legal guardian to sign, so we ask that both come to register. The student also needs to bring his or her health card or have their health card number on hand.

I participated in Pathways to Education Kingston last year – do I need to re-register this year?

Yes, all students are required to re-register each year to make sure our records stay current. The re-registration process takes less than five minutes and is very quick!

I’m entering grade 10 this year, but wasn’t registered in Pathways to Education last year. Can I still join?

Yes – Eligible students can register at any time, including part way through the school year. Please note that in order to receive the Pathways Scholarship, students do need to participate for at least two years. Further details regarding the bursary can be provided by staff.

When is tutoring available?

Tutoring in all subjects is available at our after school programming which runs Tuesdays and Thursdays at Weller Avenue, and Wednesdays at the Katarokwi Learning Centre (38 Cowdy St). Additional academic support can be provided if needed. Students can contact their GRAD Connector for further details.

Why are GRAD Connectors (formally known as Student Parent Support Workers/SPSWs) important?

GRAD stands for Guidance, Relationships, Advocacy and Development which are the main focuses of the staff in these positions. They will work closely with the students, parents, and school staff to ensure that our students have what they need to achieve academic success in high school. The support and guidance provided by staff hopes to empower students and parents to make important decisions with increased confidence and better information.

What other Supports does Pathways to Education Offer?

  • Guidance in applying for OSAP
  • Programming 
  • Career Guidance
  • Financial Guidance
  • FAR Support – once you graduate, a team of dedicated Pathways staff are here to help you with navigating post-secondary education, finding employment, and/or accessing community resources for things like mental health support, food insecurity, employment, and more.

Enroll Now

Email: [email protected]

Call: 613-507-7104, ext 2107

Text: 613-583-0308

Our core programming is afterschool academic support, but we also offer programming which focusses on experience based learning and enhancing our students’ engagement with the community


Outdoor Academy

The outdoor academy program offers students to explore outdoor spaces in the Kingston area. The program focuses on hands-on learning and readiness. Activities include preparing for their annual camping trip, fire building/cooking, going for hikes, and interactive experiences such as going to the sugar shack to learn about the process of tapping trees to create maple syrup. These experiences allow for students to develop a connection to the community while fostering a passion for outdoor exploration.

Rec Night at J.G. Simcoe

The Rec Night Program provides Pathways students with opportunities to participate in physical recreational activities with staff and other youth at Pathways. Both indoor and outdoor organized sports and activities take place, including basketball, softball, and capture the flag. Student-led activities and suggestions from the youth are always encouraged. Rec Night runs every Tuesday evening at John Graves Simcoe Public School and all Pathways students are encouraged to come and participate in the fun!

Planet Health

The Planet Health Program gives Pathways youth the opportunity to learn about community environmental initiatives and take part in hands-on learning activities with valued community partners. This includes events like neighbourhood mapping of Rideau Heights with Little Forest Kingston, community garden work with Loving Spoonful, and hydroponic greenhouse work with Extend-A-Family. Youth learn about the importance of community relations and gain volunteer hours for each event they attend. This program typically runs biweekly on Thursdays after school and is made possible through generous donations from community sponsors.

Pathways Programming

Pathway students are encouraged to join any/all of our main programming sessions, which take place after school three times a week, at two locations:

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday at Pathways (KCHC; 263 Weller Avenue) from 3pm-6pm
  • Every Wednesday at Regiopolis-Notre Dame Catholic High School, Room 101 from 3pm-6pm

At these sessions students can bring homework and get help from tutors, practice skills like cooking and resume building, do arts and crafts, and more. Pathways staff are always around to connect with students during programming, so stop by!  

Pathways to Education Kingston gathered information within the Kingston Community to evaluate the success of its program. You can see a detailed report of the conducted research here:

F.A.R (Facilitator of Alumni Relations) Program

The Facilitator of Alumni Relations was a program and position developed to help support graduates from the Pathways to Education Kingston program through the difficult transition to post-secondary education, training, or meaningful employment.

Pathways to Education Kingston began in 2010 and served to bring high school graduation rates from half of the provincial average to on or above the provincial average.  This however, was not enough.  Graduating students struggled to transition to post-secondary education.  The Kingston Pathways team piloted a program outside of their core mission to support students by facilitating their transition with a hand up in navigating this world where they did not have previous experience nor access to those with previous experience.  The pilot has proven to be successful and has led to more than a doubling of retention rates in the post-secondary education experience. As of 2022, 66% of Pathways to Education Kingston graduates have engaged with F.A.R. for support.

As F.A.R. is outside the scope of Pathways Canada funding, the program is made possible through a series of non-renewable grants, and most recently by a three-year Rotary Global Grant which pays for the facilitator resourcing to enable the students to successfully navigate the various barriers that they encounter. The success of the program thus far would not have been possible without the incredibly generous support of Rotary both here in Kingston, and Rotary International.

The impact of this initiative is twofold; firstly, to provide valuable support to individuals to develop to their potential, and secondly, to enable the community to develop the talent that the community needs to succeed in our competitive, fast moving world – a component of economic development for our city. 

F.A.R. targets this very important component of the journey to break the poverty cycle through education. In order to continue this meaningful work, our fundraising cabinet has established the F.A.R. Fund. Contributions to the Fund will continue to support graduates of our program for years to come. 

Now it is up to the Kingston community to support this investment in our youth.  We cannot afford to have students succeed to high school graduation only to fall off in their next transition especially when we have a demonstrated successful program.  The Kingston community cannot afford to have this promising talent go undeveloped when our community is experiencing a shortage of educated resources and we cannot afford to have talent unnecessarily stuck in the cycle of poverty when education holds the key to breaking that cycle.

Invest by giving to the F.A.R. Fund at or hit our Donate button.

Pathways to Education Kingston Alumni/Supporter Story

The F.A.R. Program is made possible by the following partners

More Resources

211 Ontario resources line:

Emergency Lines:

  • Addiction & Mental Health Services – Kingston Frontenac Lennox & Addington – Crisis Services – Kingston – 552 Princess St (613.544.4229) 
  • Parenting in KFL&A Phone Line – Kingston 613-549-1154 
  • Kingston Community Health Centres – LEAP Emergency Financial Assistance – Kingston – Weller Ave (1-855-487-5327 – United Way LEAP office), (613-542-2949 ext 2143 – Weller Office)

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